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Dis heres mah art :I

**This art, these pieces, every single one, was drawn by me, so please do not redraw, sale or alter her/him/it or they in any way shape or form. Or i will find and report you. (thanks you come again)

(c) :iconk-kitty9218: and :iconkaori-kitty9218:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
A-SS BACKWARDS :stupidme:
H-UMORISTIC :lmao: ( look it up , it's a real word!)
L-ZAY :yawnstretch:

I'm just as previously described, nothing more, nothing less. I enjoy drawing as a hobby, though mostly for my own amusment, I can be persuaded to art for others too. Drop me a line.

Other way of making contact with me :email:


:bulletred:Email add:
:bulletblue:Skype: kaori-kitty9218
:bulletpurple: My proboard (Oc Universe)…
:bulletyellow: My twitter:

Also: Any help or critques would be extremely appreciated. I can accept that I have room to grow and would like to take any opportunity to do so.


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:bulletred: Note: whether or not you want color is up to you. If it's nto specified you will get a black and white sketch.

Regular pencil drawing or sketch: 80 :points: or 1$

Louisa (Lois) De La Cruz by k-kitty9218 Teal Unfurled by k-kitty9218

Bust with or without frame: 60 :points: .80$

Syria's new hair_colored by k-kitty9218The bust of brothers by k-kitty9218The bust of brothers_color by k-kitty9218

Full body peices with and without back grounds (Digital, Prisma): 160 :points: or 2$

Annalise_Color by k-kitty9218Clones training outfit_COLOR by k-kitty9218Nym's training Outfit_ COLOR by k-kitty9218

**Conditions: I only ask that you pay before hand, and that your Commish be appropriate.

Here is a list of things don't do:
Pedophilia (unless it's the bear X3)
Uber sexual fetishes (Vore,mutilation, bloody nubs etc.)
Furries- mostly because I dont' know how to go about doing this
Fat (ex: normal character blown way out of proportion for no apparent reason)
Overly gory (don't even know if i could do that)
NO ZOMBIES!!!! (ABSOLUTELY NOT!) QAQ are you trying to scare me?

(As long as your request isn't on this list i will shut up and do your bidding although I may ask questions, this is to insure that I can properly process your request into my creative mindset)

:bulletred:Ways to contact me other than da:

email address:

-or you could just leave a comment or note me. (I'm on da mostly everyday anyway) <--- this is recomended


Favourite genre of music: All kinds :tunes:

Favourite photographer: I don't have one, photography is a beautiful art but I've never had a favorite, but i'll just give it time.

Favourite style of art: Cartoon/Anime (I like both but I tend to favor the latter)

Operating System: ?

MP3 player of choice: Ipod nano?

Shell of choice: Turtle shell!!! :tmnt1: :tmnt2: :tmnt3: :tmnt4:

Skin of choice: What!? My own of course! :strip:

Favourite cartoon character: Bubbles,Most of the tiny toon characters, Storm,Gon, Kilua, Tohru Honda, Jimmy Kudo,Mr. hat and Clogs,Goku, Bugs bunny,Pikachu, Devi-veemon,Leonardo, Sonic, Link, Yoshimori (kekkaishi), Tino Tanatini, Skitter, Rarity, Twilight sparkle, Sabrina (witch), Will (W.I.T.C.H).

Personal Quote: "always play with their minds" "Just because we walk along our own complex paths, that we must pave ourselves, doesn't mean we walk it alone"


Chessnut App by k-kitty9218
Chessnut App

Nothing beats Calamansi. . .

▌ G E N E R A L

Name: Harmonica Chestnut Ryner

Age: 24

Birthday: 10/18/23XX

Breed: New Zealand Red

Height: 5’6 (5’9 with pumps or high heels)

Weight: 144 lbs.

Gender: Male (Presents as female, trap)

Profession: Cleaner

Rank: F-Refugee

Card of Choice: 2 of Spades

▌ I N V E N T O R Y


A trowel (a shovel) and handcuffs.


Capsules: attached to his belt, contain sanitizer and air fresheners.

Antique pocket mirror: A gift from her grandmother and a family heirloom.

▌ P E R S O N A L I T Y

Because of how horrible the known world has been to him, Chestnut has little trust for anyone he likely to meet. In his own way though, he is fair and will judge you solely on how you act towards her. Although he seldom shows it, when undergoing large measures of stress or extreme mental strain he succumbs easily to depression, but is none the less hopeful about life. Chestnut shows minor signs of OCD as he can (does NOT always mean he WILL) easily become erratic or irritable towards others when triggered. His most distinguishing feature is his compulsive need to be clean at all times. Other than his notable unsavory quirks, he’s  very lax and “ladylike”.  A good natured person, Chestnut is relatively placid but spends a good portion of his time in seclusion. His body language suggests that being in the presence of others especially in close proximity makes him very unsettled. However, his ability to communicate holds up despite his discomfort and he gives no clear indication that he is otherwise bothered by another person's presence. As it is polite he will respond when spoken to or approached, but how he does so depends on his current state or mood. he is not physically or mentally prepared for any sort of intense physical combat and therefore it’s highly suggested he either be taught or monitored. He is most likely to flee in a situation that is beyond his capabilities and is not above abandoning his comrades if they are the center and or the cause of unnecessary attention,that could very well turn into unwanted danger.

▌ H I S T O R Y

** Summery: 

 Chestnut was born in a lab, his egg was donated to a lab that tests biochemicals on rabbits and because of this he grew up with a forked deformity on his ears. He refrains from resisting out of fear of the “ Nightshade” a chemical restraint that severely restricts the body and may leave a stigma effect on it’s hosts. After being subjected to years of these chemicals/drugs chestnut’s body is unable to properly respond to medication thus his termination is nigh. Instead of him being disposed of, he is discovered by his egg donor, a chemist from a different department, who after witnessing the sorry state of the “specimens”. Quickly realizes her mistake and as attempt to rectify her wrongs she agrees to adopts Chestnut in exchange for her silence about the other experiments. Chestnut comes to live with Margaret and her mother bella in a doll shop, where they spend many happy years together and he grows to love them both deeply. Chestnut, having become accustomed to girls clothing and with his feminine size, don the look of a young woman. After an anonymous call phoned in by a fearful prejudice neighbor, POSRA was sent in to investigate. They were less than pleased with what they found, but since chestnut was absent, restraining the prime suspect (aka margret) came first . Chestnut, from a block away, watched as the POSRA apprehended the only mothers he’d ever known. Powerless, margaret encouraged him to flee, so he ran. POSRA pursued him until he was cornered. Just as things looked bleak for him, again help arrived in the form of a Band of BJBB punks who happen to spy the little bunny. Within minutes a fight ensued but the bunnies managed to overpower their foe. With their victory in tow the gang took hold of a baffled chestnut and dragged her back to headquarter. Whether he liked it or not, for him a new life was about to unfold.

Before he joined the fight for the right to exist, Chestnut began his life in a seedy little lab as a drug rat. From the early age of an embryo he and his entire liter were constantly subjected to untested products of under-the-table biochemical experimentation. Being the runt, he was immediately dismissed at first as he was only predicted to live through the span of one or two weeks. Whether through a stroke of irony or luck, he grew quite rapidly into a healthy young specimen because of the initial chemical mixture injected into his egg. he spend months developing quickly inside his tube as he waited to be awakened only to be tampered with further.

From the moment he could walk the doctors got to work, segregating him from his brothers and sisters and forcing all manner of injections and drugs into his system. afterwards they’d ask his to perform a series of different actions where they’d watch and write down each drugs’ potential uses.  Over and over, month after month, the white coats would test and observe the individual effects of each substance until it became ritual to him. For years he put up with this with little to no resistance. Resignation was mostly all he knew. He had no idea what it was they were doing to him- or why- just that so long as he sat through the torturous treatment there would be no blood. Until there came a time where there was blood. Lots of it. One morning in particular, after throwing a vicious tantrum he’d accidentally kicked a female scientist in the arm. This led to a terrible punishment known only as the “ NIghtshade.” Once infused into his bloodstream it would take effect almost immediately. First it made his ears ring, then he was dizzy. His heart rate would decelerate as would his breathing and lastly his eyesight  would waver in and out of focus until it vanished into a black veil of obscurity. Ignorance and fear only added to the fiendish drug’s power over him until he was forced into stillness. Blind and scared until they were done with him for the day. Eventually after a short period of hours he regained his sight and the five year old was determined never to slip up or misbehave. Even the smallest hint of disobedience  when he did ended in hours of everlasting darkness.

After half a year crawled by, his results were no longer satisfying and his body down right refused to recognize anything stronger than simple over the counter aspirin. Not even regulating different doses would work especially not with her having episodes and breaking down every few days.  Soon the men behind the glass wouldn’t think twice about  dumping him somewhere. he had become a lab animal that had outlived it’s reason for existing. A single thread of hope had come to him when he had expected nothing but a grim end. A chemist ,Margaret Rayner --a woman who had not only tributed her work to such an abominable cause but had actually donated herself to it as well-- was now stepping up to take her bio genetic offspring a charge.  In exchange for her silence, his previous caretakers would allow it. Before he could pinch himself and wake up. He was living in a Doll shop owned by Margaret's mother and being dressed in girls clothes. he also had a name, It was harmonica, because Grandma Bella had mistaken him for a girl. Later that was revised when he was nicknamed: Chestnut.

It took a few years but Margaret was able to reverse some of the effects of her colleagues. There wasn’t much she could do for the others as she had her mother's health to think about (that being why she kept her so close when they'd first moved to Pearson) and she could only afford one child but Chestnut wasn’t the least bit remorseful to be free. Though he didn’t open up to most people and mostly stayed inside unless order otherwise. He spend many years with fairly happy years with his new mother and grandmother who taught him as much as they could cram into his brain. They ignored his slightly deformed ears and he learned to live with them, eventually succeeding in shoving the past  behind him. With the lasting effects of the “ Nightshade “ as the only harsh reminder.

On an ordinary day that was just like any other, Chestnut was on his way home when he spotted POSRA officers at his door from a only a block away. As he wracked his brain for a reasons why this could be happening a flashback of yesterday replayed in his head. One of his neighbors--a grouchy old man who frankly complained about the color of the sky---had seen a glimpse of his ears. Chestnut had at first thought nothing of it but he suddenly remembered the look on the old coots face and the way he’d run inside in fear. Chestnut stood there frozen as he watched his guardian being led away in restraints. Before he could move to help her, Margret’s  brown eyes met his and she called out. Chestnut had never seen fear or  concern so severe than he had then. Discarding the bags of groceries behind him he fled. Not long after, the Officers gave chase but he was faster. As soon as he thought he was safe he stopped for breath and within an instant they were upon him. Half a dozen sprung on him from out of nowhere. he quivered in terror, where they going to take him back, no he couldn’t . . .he couldn't’ take that not again. Just as he was ready to give in to his unavoidable fate, a small rag tag  group of long eared trouble makers came to his aid. he hardly had to step in at all (not that he could have done much) as they gang tussled with their oppressors. In a short amount of time three of them were down and the others were either hurt or bruised. He didn’t know if they were breathing and he hardly cared. Chestnut was in awe,  but he was just about flabbergasted when one of them took him by the hand and dragged him off with the rest of them. He allowed himself to be carted off, as there was little he could have done really and there wasn’t much sense in going back. His home was gone now and there was no turning back.

“ Little bunny your whole world’s about to change. . . ”

▌ M I S C .


-Because of the initial chemical cocktail introduced into his embryo he grew up with an ear deformity. He also has a tail but doesn’t like for it to show.

-Triggers: Uncleanliness, Unwarranted physical contact of any kind.

- Natural talents: Sewing, Knitting, Science/chemistry, Cleaning/housekeeping (maids outfit and everything),  secretarial work, running away from things . . .

-Natural weaknesses: Sickness (as medication and other chemicals have dulled effects on his body), Stress.

-In one of Margaret’s attempts to help, his “ mother” turned his hair green. It’s been that way ever since. It’s original color is more of a copper.

-He enjoys ice tea after work, and his special treat is key lime pie. His food of choice is beef stew.

-Relatives: Margaret Ryner and Bella Ryner.

Quotes: “ All over, the world is filled with ugliness . . . I just wanna be pretty.”

Chestnut_Color by k-kitty9218

It's simply ridiculous how long this thing took . . . * dies*
Headshot LineArt by k-kitty9218
Headshot LineArt
 Yeah I know he's too thin and I drew his deformity tooooooooo LONG. But I drew it in the morning and once i scanned it i realized Q w Q  but i can't take it back . In future pic i'll be changing this.


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Okay here are some questions from a really entertaining meme that a friend showed me. Said meme>>>…

1. In a race between you, Harlequinn and Teal, who would win?

Well to be honest teal is very athletic and a great runner, so i'd be dead be last, but seeing as Harley can orb, well she'd  be at the finish line before any of us. :iconlazycryplz:

2. How do your and Vesper's talents add up?

Pft wht talents? :lmao: :rofl: It would mostly be his talents in all honesty.Together we be a super hyperactive time keeping, Dj, artist.

3. What would you do if you hadn't met Ada?

Um i dont' think this questions is for me I think it's more for Axel, or Jean, maybe even west XD.  

4. Do you do anything special with Serry?

uhh lately no, but It would be nice to draw her in a wedding dress, or with her family or soemthing nice like that.

5. If Syria played in a movie, what kind of character would they play?

She would probably play a really dramatic/ Comedy role, like the female love intrest or the dramatic tomboyish problem child. That jsut seems so like her. She's a rebel XD.

6. Who's Levvy dating?

Mikaru . . .

Levvy: it's not so much who i'm dating as who i'm Fu---Me: O /////O NEXT QUESTION!

7. What would you do if Xan confessed love to you?

Honestly I'd be confused beyond belief and secondly I'd run, somewhere where he'd never find me XD I love xan but he's too young for me and kind of an idiot. I wouldn't' want to take care of him = w =he has to many issues.:iconsoemotionalplz:

Xan: :iconcryforeverplz:

8. Would you marry Pieriot?

Uh she's not my type besides I think her husband would have an issue with that, and so would she problaly? Would that make me asexual if i'm loving apart of myself?

9. Do you think Teal is a virgin?


10. Do you do anything special with Bailey?

Yes, I just don't' always draw it. But she is one of those rare character who actually gets a birthday.
It was so fun that I decided to do it twice

1. Adrian and Lahari are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?

Lahari,Althogh it would be funny trying to watch adrian at least TRY. That would just tickle me pink.

Adrian: = n = +++ NO.

2. Who does Honey like?

Uh well honey doesn't really LIKE LIKE anyone,  mostly because they aren't food, or her species. She is found of other humans though. Besides Syria, there's Kenta and Salem is growing on her too.

3. Ever slept in the same room with Percy?

Yeah but he has to sleep at the very end of my mind because i'm afraid he'll rape my nightmares O n O

4. If you could do anything with Peaches, what would it be?

Wrap her up in a straight jackets and send her to therapy then have a nice QUIET walk through a field of flowers

5. Can West be bad influence?

Not really he's just lazy and plays WAY too man video games.

6. In a race between you, Kairi and Percy, who would win?

Percy he's far more athletic, he works out and he can use portals. XD yeah he's a cheater.

7. Can Nym be bad influence?

HELL YES! She drinks , she smokes and she parties. She doesn't care about  sneaking out, and she walk around naked half the time.

8. What musical instrument would Lahari most likely play?

A wind instrument, I'd say a picalo O w O

9. Oki-Sensei and Lahari are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?

Well Again Lahari would be a better wife, Tecknically Oki doesn't have a real gender. How come lahari keeps getting picked is this thing determined to give her a role other than the wife? sorry she just doesn't have the gusto to be the husband. V u V

10. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, Ember or Peaches?

Ember dammit, screw that noise, Peach is freakin DANGEROUS!!! One wrong noise and I'd be sliced open like sushi.
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