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Dis heres mah art :I

**This art, these pieces, every single one, was drawn by me, so please do not redraw, sale or alter her/him/it or they in any way shape or form. Or i will find and report you. (thanks you come again)

(c) :iconk-kitty9218: and :iconkaori-kitty9218:

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
A-SS BACKWARDS :stupidme:
H-UMORISTIC :lmao: ( look it up , it's a real word!)
L-ZAY :yawnstretch:

I'm just as previously described, nothing more, nothing less. I enjoy drawing as a hobby, though mostly for my own amusment, I can be persuaded to art for others too. Drop me a line.

Other way of making contact with me :email:


:bulletred:Email add:
:bulletblue:Skype: kaori-kitty9218
:bulletpurple: My proboard (Oc Universe)…
:bulletyellow: My twitter:

Also: Any help or critques would be extremely appreciated. I can accept that I have room to grow and would like to take any opportunity to do so.


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:bulletred: Note: whether or not you want color is up to you. If it's nto specified you will get a black and white sketch.

Regular pencil drawing or sketch: 80 :points: or 1$

Louisa (Lois) De La Cruz by k-kitty9218 Teal Unfurled by k-kitty9218

Bust with or without frame: 60 :points: .80$

Syria's new hair_colored by k-kitty9218The bust of brothers by k-kitty9218The bust of brothers_color by k-kitty9218

Full body peices with and without back grounds (Digital, Prisma): 160 :points: or 2$

Annalise_Color by k-kitty9218Clones training outfit_COLOR by k-kitty9218Nym's training Outfit_ COLOR by k-kitty9218

**Conditions: I only ask that you pay before hand, and that your Commish be appropriate.

Here is a list of things don't do:
Pedophilia (unless it's the bear X3)
Uber sexual fetishes (Vore,mutilation, bloody nubs etc.)
Furries- mostly because I dont' know how to go about doing this
Fat (ex: normal character blown way out of proportion for no apparent reason)
Overly gory (don't even know if i could do that)
NO ZOMBIES!!!! (ABSOLUTELY NOT!) QAQ are you trying to scare me?

(As long as your request isn't on this list i will shut up and do your bidding although I may ask questions, this is to insure that I can properly process your request into my creative mindset)

:bulletred:Ways to contact me other than da:

email address:

-or you could just leave a comment or note me. (I'm on da mostly everyday anyway) <--- this is recomended


Favourite genre of music: All kinds :tunes:

Favourite photographer: I don't have one, photography is a beautiful art but I've never had a favorite, but i'll just give it time.

Favourite style of art: Cartoon/Anime (I like both but I tend to favor the latter)

Operating System: ?

MP3 player of choice: Ipod nano?

Shell of choice: Turtle shell!!! :tmnt1: :tmnt2: :tmnt3: :tmnt4:

Skin of choice: What!? My own of course! :strip:

Favourite cartoon character: Bubbles,Most of the tiny toon characters, Storm,Gon, Kilua, Tohru Honda, Jimmy Kudo,Mr. hat and Clogs,Goku, Bugs bunny,Pikachu, Devi-veemon,Leonardo, Sonic, Link, Yoshimori (kekkaishi), Tino Tanatini, Skitter, Rarity, Twilight sparkle, Sabrina (witch), Will (W.I.T.C.H).

Personal Quote: "always play with their minds" "Just because we walk along our own complex paths, that we must pave ourselves, doesn't mean we walk it alone"


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Okay here are some questions from a really entertaining meme that a friend showed me. Said meme>>>…

1. In a race between you, Harlequinn and Teal, who would win?

Well to be honest teal is very athletic and a great runner, so i'd be dead be last, but seeing as Harley can orb, well she'd  be at the finish line before any of us. :iconlazycryplz:

2. How do your and Vesper's talents add up?

Pft wht talents? :lmao: :rofl: It would mostly be his talents in all honesty.Together we be a super hyperactive time keeping, Dj, artist.

3. What would you do if you hadn't met Ada?

Um i dont' think this questions is for me I think it's more for Axel, or Jean, maybe even west XD.  

4. Do you do anything special with Serry?

uhh lately no, but It would be nice to draw her in a wedding dress, or with her family or soemthing nice like that.

5. If Syria played in a movie, what kind of character would they play?

She would probably play a really dramatic/ Comedy role, like the female love intrest or the dramatic tomboyish problem child. That jsut seems so like her. She's a rebel XD.

6. Who's Levvy dating?

Mikaru . . .

Levvy: it's not so much who i'm dating as who i'm Fu---Me: O /////O NEXT QUESTION!

7. What would you do if Xan confessed love to you?

Honestly I'd be confused beyond belief and secondly I'd run, somewhere where he'd never find me XD I love xan but he's too young for me and kind of an idiot. I wouldn't' want to take care of him = w =he has to many issues.:iconsoemotionalplz:

Xan: :iconcryforeverplz:

8. Would you marry Pieriot?

Uh she's not my type besides I think her husband would have an issue with that, and so would she problaly? Would that make me asexual if i'm loving apart of myself?

9. Do you think Teal is a virgin?


10. Do you do anything special with Bailey?

Yes, I just don't' always draw it. But she is one of those rare character who actually gets a birthday.
It was so fun that I decided to do it twice

1. Adrian and Lahari are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?

Lahari,Althogh it would be funny trying to watch adrian at least TRY. That would just tickle me pink.

Adrian: = n = +++ NO.

2. Who does Honey like?

Uh well honey doesn't really LIKE LIKE anyone,  mostly because they aren't food, or her species. She is found of other humans though. Besides Syria, there's Kenta and Salem is growing on her too.

3. Ever slept in the same room with Percy?

Yeah but he has to sleep at the very end of my mind because i'm afraid he'll rape my nightmares O n O

4. If you could do anything with Peaches, what would it be?

Wrap her up in a straight jackets and send her to therapy then have a nice QUIET walk through a field of flowers

5. Can West be bad influence?

Not really he's just lazy and plays WAY too man video games.

6. In a race between you, Kairi and Percy, who would win?

Percy he's far more athletic, he works out and he can use portals. XD yeah he's a cheater.

7. Can Nym be bad influence?

HELL YES! She drinks , she smokes and she parties. She doesn't care about  sneaking out, and she walk around naked half the time.

8. What musical instrument would Lahari most likely play?

A wind instrument, I'd say a picalo O w O

9. Oki-Sensei and Lahari are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?

Well Again Lahari would be a better wife, Tecknically Oki doesn't have a real gender. How come lahari keeps getting picked is this thing determined to give her a role other than the wife? sorry she just doesn't have the gusto to be the husband. V u V

10. Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, Ember or Peaches?

Ember dammit, screw that noise, Peach is freakin DANGEROUS!!! One wrong noise and I'd be sliced open like sushi.
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  • Reading: books
  • Watching: sacred blacksmith
  • Drinking: water

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