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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
A-SS BACKWARDS :stupidme:
H-UMORISTIC :lmao: ( look it up , it's a real word!)
L-ZAY :yawnstretch:

I enjoy drawing as a hobby, I can be persuaded to art for others too. Drop me a line. Any help or critiques would be extremely appreciated. I can accept that I have room to grow and would like to take any opportunity to do so.

:email: Other way of making contact with me :email:


:bulletred:Email add:
:bulletblue:Skype: kaori-kitty9218
:bulletpurple: My proboard (Oc Universe)…
:bulletyellow: My twitter:

(or you could just leave a comment or note me.)

**Conditions: I only ask that you pay before hand, and that your Commish be appropriate.

Here is a list of things that I don't do:
*Pedophilia (unless it's the bear X3)
*Nothing Racist
*Uber sexual fetishes (Vore,mutilation, bloody nubs etc.)
*Furries- mostly because I don't know how to go about doing this
*Fat/inflation (ex: normal character blown way out of proportion for no apparent reason)
*Overly gory/guro (don't even know if i could do that)
*NO ZOMBIES!!!! (ABSOLUTELY NOT!) QAQ are you trying to scare me?

(As long as your request isn't on this list i will shut up and do your bidding although I may ask questions, this is to insure that I can properly process your request into my creative mindset)


Favorite genre of music:I don't have a favorite, and I literally mean this because I listen to so many different kinds of music. My song lists are like in the hundreds. I have like four hundred on my phone alone. I like a lot of pop, rock, and alternative rock. Though these don't count as favorite because i have a lot of songs that fall out of these categories. Ex: " No diggity" by Blackstreet. "Cruel" by the Veronicas :tunes:

Favorite style of art: I like a mixture of western and eastern style cartoony art. It's hard to choose between traditional and digital since i feel like digital art holds so many different possibilities, this however doesn't take from the fact that traditional is where a lot of peoples talents shine the brightest. Traditional art is also very beautiful.

MP3 player of choice: Ipod nano/ my phone

Shell of choice: Turtle shell!!! :tmnt1: :tmnt2: :tmnt3: :tmnt4:

Skin of choice: What!? My own of course! :strip:

Favourite cartoon character: Bubbles,Most of the tiny toon characters, Storm,Gon, Kilua, Tohru Honda, Jimmy Kudo, Mr. hat and Clogs, Goku, Bugs bunny, Pikachu, Devi-veemon,Leonardo, Sonic, Link, Yoshimori (kekkaishi), Tino Tanatini, Skitter, Rarity, Twilight sparkle, Sabrina (witch), Will (W.I.T.C.H).

Personal Quote: "always play with their minds"


Turq App by k-kitty9218
Turq App
Name:Coral (Turquoise) McAllister
Age: 22 yrs (Dob: july 24)
Gender: Female
House: Eccentric
Act: Contortion
Personality: Daring, bold, a young woman with a strong killer instinct. With a sharp tongue as well as sharp wit, Turq isn't one to stand for any form of harassment, but all the same she isn't quick to start fights. Although she CAN be deadly violent, she is more than capable of working out her problems with words and is more than likely to do so. She prefers to use her skills and abilities more wisely and for the benefit of others. Other than that, she's level headed, calm and demonstrates a maturity beyond her years, though she lacking in terms of intellect.
Orientation: Pan 
Race: Human/ Experiment/ Nixie
Abilities:  Liquid manipulation, Elasticity, Shapeshifting( this includes manipulating the temperature and density of her body), All the fine tunings of an up and coming assassin of 5 years. She rejuvenates/regenerates in water.
Talents:Killing things, setting up traps, making jewelry, Stealth, Hand to hand combat, Cooking (though often she's cooking up poisons), Sketching/Drawing (with chalk, with graphite or charcoal, she enjoys capturing nature)
Likes:  She loves soups and popsicles.  Blue is her favorite color. She loves kids, fruity drinks, smoothies, watermelons and rain.
Dislikes: Being too dry, Blueberries, and being asked to draw people, being disturbed while she's reading to sketching, thunder, windy days.
Family: Grandmother, Mother, Father, Sister (her sister's name is Charlotte.)
Weakness: She's invulnerable in her watery form but when her body is fleshy and solid her organs can be hit like any other human and she'll bleed.
Bio:After an argument with her father, who had recently returned to their small two bedroom apartment after spending her collage fund on his regular leisurely excursions (Booze, gambling, debt) a 17 year old Turq left home for the final time. For a time she stayed with a close " acquaintance", A boy she thought she loved, but apparently the feeling wasn't mutual and in less than a week Turq had lost her job at one of the only two diners in town and she soon found herself on the streets of her small little nothing town, in the middle of nowhere. This was only the beginning chapter for Turq as she would later attempt to hit up a local corner store and be shot twice in the shoulder, from the back, after she was caught  swallowing multiple pills in a attempt to end her misery. Her body was uncovered by mobsters and in a plot of get rid of her she was sold to a lab. A lot of research went into the painful months of experimentation that Turq's body was made to endure and because of the trauma of not only this but her wrecked emotional state her memories  were seemingly wiped clean. Mostly it was just her minds way of protecting it's host's fragile sanity. Either way, she was a new person and before she could question the status of her new body, Turq was plucked from the lab and trained to kill.  She could kill anything from a fly as small as a grain of sand to a heavily armed, fully trained Navy seal.  And for a time she did just that, working for the Mobster boss whose finances originally payed for he science that had saved and changed her life.  For 5 years she stuck to her position, nursing her deadly career until she was supposedly " taken out". Turq made sure that her last assassination mission really was her LAST. She cut off all contact with her employers afterwards, taking the fall and letting her superiors believe that she was dead. There had to be more to life than death, and to say the least she had become rather bored with her work. That is until she met Huey, a strange creature who refused to wear normal human clothes and slept outside in the mud. She met him in a southern swamp in Louisiana. While on the mend he found her resting in the woods.  From the moment she met him, her life changed drastically. They spent so much time together that they became inseparable. Huey taught her more than she could thank him for with words and because of this, she looked after him. He did seem capable on his own but for all of his strengths he was very weak and very homeless. Through some old friends from the black market she managed to find a job that would take care of them both for a while. This new life, she hoped would open up new possibilities for the both of them.
Huey's Application by k-kitty9218
Huey's Application
Name: Huey
Age: ??? (He appears to be the age of a small child around ten or eleven)
Gender: Male (Just trust me)
House: Eccentric
Act: Cloud Swing (…)
Personality: He is a very soft, kind and gentle soul. He walks the path of least resistance and is nonviolent. He would rather given in quickly and will often run away from the slightest hint of discord. He doesn't talk to many people and prefers solitude to the company of strangers. He is a very happy boy who loves nature and animals, often finding ways to relax in peace with them.
Orientation: ??? 
Race: Homunculus
Abilities: Immune to most poisons, His age fluctuates with his emotions, and he employs massive amounts of inhuman super strength. He also wields a sharp sense of smell and his body regenerates quickly from massive injuries.
Talents: Good upper body strength, handy for multiple activities. A very gentle/capable animal handler. His sense of smell is another handy feature, he can't track things the way a bloodhound can, but his snoz can detect the scent of hidden food or rot and differentiate it from other interfering smells. He has key knowledge of wild plants and many many herbal remedies.
Likes: Potatoes (His favorite food), Digging holes, playing in dirt, spending time with animals, finding different food in the wild, sleeping in holes that he digs for himself, His caretaker
Dislikes: Peas, Baths (especially cold ones), Thunder, People, Crowds, being on stage alone. Snow.
Family: None. (at least none that are living)
Weakness: Fire (well come on, what doesn't fire kill?), His body is very sensitive to cold. He's susceptible to human illness though dying from them is unlikely.
Bio:Created by an elderly witch who then passed only a only five years after his creation, Huey fell into our world in the form of an adult man with now childhood in which to speak. He lived in the old dilapidated cottage of the woman who had been his mother for a short time. Until one day a storm blew it down , forcing him out of his little home. Huey sought aid from the villagers in town but was met with terrible unkindness. He was robbed, and cursed at, beaten and  scarred. With no where to turn the poor thing turned to the wilderness as his new home. As it would turn out, he was better suited there than anything. The wild was far kinder to him than any human had ever been.  What little his creator taught him served him well on his own for a while, but often he worried about his new life and whether he could manage. Many years later, he stumbled upon a visitor, an injured traveler who rested by the river. He hesitated but chose to get closer, unaware of the vital impact it would have on his life. Fast forward two years into the future and the blue eyed traveler was now Huey's faithful companion and good friend. Blu taught him many things, she cared for him and took him everywhere she went, he trusted her and cared for her in return. Now they were signing up to be int he circus, they would go on to perform special tricks in front of many many people. This greatly frightened huey as he didn't like so many people watching him but he knew that with Blue by his side he would be just fine.
 So as stated above, I've got a friend :iconsylgrace: doing a thing. An ART thing. Specifically she's drawing FREE portrait sketches for anyone willing to follow the rules and leave a comment. She's a wonderful artist, so by all means, go check her out and I don't just mean the journal either. Feel free to take a peek at her gallery too.

Heres a link to her thing: FREE Portrait Sketches :OPEN:
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  • Reading: something written by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Watching: The Office
  • Playing: Hm: Magical Melody
  • Eating: bout to go get cereal
  • Drinking: water.

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